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Friends of Dialogue

Ratio Christi

Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is an apologetics ministry who are serious about discussing the pressing questions of worldview, science, history, culture and philosophy. In short, Ratio Christi wants to discuss the big questions of life and make sure that along all the other voices, the intellectual voice of Christianity are also heard. Ratio Christi also provides a safe and charitable venue for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents to any religion to investigate the claims of Christianity, discuss religious beliefs, and seek truth without fearing reprisal. While this is a distinctly Christian organization, anybody is able to become a member and learn, debate, and explore the connection of faith and reason.


For more info on Ratio Christi call 082 371 2040 or email


AntWoord is a truly South African apologetics ministry. Our focus is to

  1. help equip Christians to be able to give an account for what and why they believe as a strengthening of their faith,
  2. demonstrate to sceptics that the Christian faith is not a blind leap in the dark and thus countering this groundless charge, and,
  3. invite seekers to explore the claims of Christianity for the sake of intellectual integrity.

AntWoord strives to uphold this focus in an authentic and relational context. Nobody comes to faith merely through an argument. We do believe, however, that when people experience love and caring, and when people’s questions and concerns are taken seriously, then that it is where we often find the Holy Spirit at work to penetrate people’s hearts and to bring growth and New Life.


TGIF is an informal Friday-morning coffee-shop meeting with a topical and challenging talk followed by a time for questions and discussion – all over a cup of good coffee. TGIF covers a wide range of topics including worldviews, ethics, leadership, popular culture and contemporary issues. In this, TGIF generally explores the truth & goodness of Biblical Christianity and its relevance to all of life and reality. Although its origins are Christian, TGIF very much aims to be of benefit to people of all (or no) convictions. Everyone is welcome, entrance is free, and no prior booking is required.

Real Talk

Real talk is an initiative to bring South Africans together for positive change. We offer opportunities for engagement in constructive dialogue and for thoughtful perspectives to be heard. Our mission is to create safe spaces where people of all races and cultural backgrounds can listen, talk, understand, ask and learn from each other in constructive discussion. We aim to host these discussions in a positive environment born from the need for reconciliation and transformation in South Africa.

Fact and Faith Publications

Publications that fully reconcile evolution and the Big Bang Universe, with belief in the Creator God. We live on an earth that is billions of years old, not just thousands. Radically new insights into the controversy around the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools and Universities.

Our founding principles include:

  • A complete acceptance of the scientific method.
  • An acceptance of a Universe and Earth billions of years old, not thousands.
  • An acceptance of the evolutionary processes in nature.
  • An acceptance of the Bible as our ultimate authority in matters of faith, doctrine and practice.
  • An acceptance that “The heavens declare” is another ‘voice’ of God , revealed to us by on-going scientific research.These books are the result of more than 40 years of research by Michael Jarvis, into matters relating to science and faith, and other controversial issues within Christianity today.

Wie het God Gemaak?

Hierdie webblad is begin deur André en Marianne van Zyl. Ons albei is mense wat nogal nuuskierig is en graag vrae vra oor God, geloof en die lewe in die algemeen. Ons glo dat mens maar enige vraag mag vra en dat mens maar oor enigiets mag wonder en gesels. Soos wat ons self al oor baie dinge gewonder en gelees het het ons ontdek dat Bybelse Christenskap regtig waar is, en dat dit ook die beste manier is om sin te maak van die wêreld om ons. Dikwels loop mense rond met ‘n vraag in hulle kop waarop daar eintlik fantastiese antwoorde vanuit die Christelike geloof is, as hulle dit net wil vra! Hierdie webblad is bedoel om ‘n plek te wees waar jong (wat jy ookal dink is jonk!) Afrikaanse mense hulle vrae kan vrae. Ons sal probeer om vir jou ‘n deurdagte, eerlike en Bybelse opinie te gee oor enigiets waaroor jy wil gesels.